Friday, March 16, 2012

My little corner

One thing I have been wanting in my room is shelfs and it finally happened!!!

Here's my little scrapbooking corner, not much since Carter's bed is on the other side of the room. Some day I will have my own room like you see in all over the internet. Charles actually wants me to design it which makes me very happy and can't wait, but it will be several years down the road.

Here's  another picture of the room. I will admit scrapbooking is my addiction, I don't buy as much as I use too. I do try to keep up with the latest trends by making my own, it is fun but takes extra time. I love it and love seeing peoples expression when they see my creation. Like this picture...

When Charles and I got married , we got invited to this girls baptism. I scrapbook/framed her invitation. We had to leave early but I wanted to see their reaction. When she opened it, everyone's jaw dropped - I thought it was funny!!!

1 comment:

  1. You do a great job w/h your scrap booking Krystal.I enjoy the scrap booking an have plans of making 2 scrap books for my niece and nephew of their family and ancestors.Have you seen the free scrap pages you can download an print....I've found many.Take care & Have fun! Gayle (Ruth's best friend)